Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa topped a list of all-time worst Angelenos chosen by online voters who responded to the Talk Back to Lopez poll at the Los Angeles Times. Wow. Maybe that $120,000 trip to Europe last month during the city's worst budget crisis in generations or taking time out to appear on the soap opera All My Children as the police department struggled to pay for recruits finally caught up with him.

Certainly his arrogant and out-of-touch leadership — finally addressing out-of-control pot shops years after their explosion and hours after the online publication of an LA Weekly cover story — has not been lost on us, but we're surprised there's such animosity out there.

To be fair, the Lopez poll is not scientific. By far. It's simply a tally of those folks irked or inspired enough to make a click for Mayor V. In other words, it's a far cry from a statistically valid, random poll of registered voters in Los Angeles, for example. An opt-in poll can skew toward the passionate, giving them a greater voice than they might normally enjoy. And it's not clear if there were safeguards for multiple votes from one person. That can be hard to prevent.

Still, it's interesting to see that Mayor V. beat out O.J. Simpson, the alleged racist Donald T. Sterling and Roger “Didn't See Nothin'” Mahony, and the guy who killed about 14 people, give or take, Richard “the Night Stalker” Ramirez. Now who says the mayor can't lead?

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