The mayor's second TV news girlfriend of his tenure at the top of L.A. City Hall is apparently calling it quits.

The Los Angeles Times reports that KTLA News' reporter Lu Parker and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa have broken up after three years of red-carpet romance.

The reason? Inquiring minds want to know:

All her publicist, Juliette Harris of It Girl Public Relations, would tell the Times was …

… I can confirm that Lu Parker ended her three-year committed relationship with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa as of May 25.

The mayor's spokesman, Peter Sanders, told the Weekly, “We have no comment.”

Noting that she hadn't been seen with the mayor at the usual red-carpet and black-tie functions in the last three weeks, the Times actually asked Villaraigosa about it. He called the reporter an “idiot.”

Well who's the idiot now?



Parker is the latest in a string of ladies who have been involved in high-profile break-ups with the mayor since he took office in 2003 2005.

His wife Corina, whose last name Raigosa was fused by the mayor with his own Villar to form Villaraigosa, filed for divorce in 2007 after it was revealed that he was going out with another newscaster, Telemundo 52's Mirthala Salinas.

Parker introduced the mayor to yoga and animal rights and seemed to make him happy. She even moved into the Getty House, Villaraigosa's taxpayer-provided digs in Windsor Square.

In 2010, as the city's finances continued to falter, Villaraigosa said he was at “a great place” in his life:

I'm at a great place with my family and kids, my sisters, and you could put Lu in there as well.

Now you can take her out of that equation.

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