For the ex-mayor who has everything, how about yet another job?

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The world's largest public relations firm, Edelman, announced today that Antonio Villaraigosa is coming on-board as a “senior advisor.” By our count that makes five gigs for Mayor V. since he left office in July:

He did a “fellowship” — for a few days — at Harvard, and one at the Bipartisan Policy Center.

He landed far more promising-sounding advisory gigs at Herbalife and Banc of California.

That's on top of a $97,380-a-year pension for his years as a public servant at City Hall and in Sacramento.

Edelman's global public affairs chair Katie Burke:

Antonio's ability to build coalitions across ideological divides in order to find solutions to some of today's leading challenges for government and business will be an invaluable resource for our clients as he serves as a strategic counselor.

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I look forward to contributing my unique perspective and experience in navigating resolutions and driving key initiatives for Edelman's clients.

In other words, as he was representing the people of L.A., Villaraigosa was also beefing up his corporate Rolodex for just such an opportunity. And we bankrolled it.

What is P.R. when it comes to public officials, by the way? It's the art of obfuscating and putting the best spin on public information. Think about it: The world's biggest public relations firm, Edelman, thinks our former mayor is an expert in twisting the message and keeping the straight story from the public.

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