Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has long been known to run with the glamour crowd in Los Angeles, and this past Sunday was no different.

According to news reports, Villaraigosa officiated the marriage of comedian Cheech Marin and classical pianist Natasha Rubin yesterday. The wedding was reportedly a sunset ceremony that took place at Marin's Malibu home.

The mayor rubbed elbows with actor Don Johnson, newscaster Geraldo Rivera, and director Robert Rodriguez, according to It's the kind of thing that drives former L.A. Daily News editor Ron Kaye crazy, who again recently took the mayor to task for his good times lifestyle.

The gig turned out to be a public relations boon for Villaraigosa, who was mentioned in blogs and newspapers across the country for helping Marin and Rubin to get hitched.

The day in Malibu must have also come as a relief for the mayor after he has faced a multitude of questions about the economic health of the city of Los Angeles and now the departure of his number one political asset, LAPD chief Bill Bratton.

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