Danceism is not a rave, it's not a place for glowsticks, goggles or fuzzy anythings. Instead it's a party dedicated to getting down and/or dirty with dance moves you never knew were in you. Tonight, LA's premier remixologists Villains shake the Echoplex with their effervescent brand of electro. The duo, Mad V (Miguel De Vivo) and Koncept (Eric Wolf) have been getting buzz from their electrifying official remixes of Datarock, N.A.S.A., Bloc Party, and yes, Britney Spears, and will bring along Lykke Li, who will DJ right before their set. Also joining in the fun will be Danceism stars Robot Love and En Oprstu.

To get you stoked for the show, West Coast Sound presents Villains' 5 Decade Remix Wishlist and the EXCLUSIVE release of Villain's remix of The Bravery's, “Slow Poison.”

And why not, we'll throw in a free MP3 remix of Lykke Li by Villains too. (After the jump)


The Bravery – Slow Poison (Villains Remix) [MP3]

Lykke Li – Little Bit (Villains Remix) [MP3]

Villains' 5 Decade Remix Wishlist:


So many tracks of this decade have already been remixed that it's actually hard to think of one that there already isn't a good remix of. That being said, I think one of the main reasons we do what we do is because of a little Belgian band named Soulwax. They are the perfect blend of old school, classic rock and current popular indie/electronic music and really paved the way for the this whole current scene. They did a song on their Nite Versions album called “Teachers” and it pays homage to the people that were most influential to them. When I first heard the song I remember thinking how many influences we had in common and the ones I didn't recognize I researched and checked out. They literally taught us things through their music and lyrics. We would love a chance to pay them respects for that and remix their song, Teachers.

[ED. Note: We know this isn't NIN, you've probably seen the amazing other video a BILLION times, so here's something you probably haven't seen)


I think we would both love to do a remix of “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails. The song is really raw and dark but stays groovy even during its most aggressive parts. If we did it, we'd have to try and keep that element of the song intact because that's what makes it genius.


We are both children of the 80's so to pick one song to do from that era is really difficult. I think if we could, we would try and do something from Depeche Mode. Songs like “Enjoy The Silence” and the whole Violator album were not only huge influences to Miguel and I but, as far as I'm concerned, are what the whole current “indie” scene can be traced back to


I think this would be a toss up between Pink Floyd's, “Have a Cigar,” and Queen's, “Another One Bites The Dust.” Both bands have so many good songs that it's hard to narrow down their libraries to just 2 possibilities like that. Remixing any Floyd or Queen Song would be a huge honor. Floyd was kind of the first band to really blur the lines between rock and electronic elements of music. Queen broke down barriers for what was acceptable for rock music at the time, not to mention social barriers for generations after.


The 60's is the hardest one for me to pick. More good music came out in this decade then any other decade in music history as far as I'm concerned. The Rolling Stones, “Paint It Black” would be a sick tune to attempt to remix or any of the countless Led Zeppelin songs that topped the charts back then. Maybe “White Room” by Cream. That riff that Eric Clapton plays on that song would lend itself nicely to a remix. In my opinion though, I think that you let songs from this generation be. Beatles remixes and Jimi Hendrix edits bug me a little. Sometimes the original is just too good if you ask me.

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