Despite some recent reports to the contrary, Viet Noodle Bar in Atwater Village remains open for business. Do they sometimes not answer their phone? Yes. Have their hours been a bit erratic recently? Yes. This is not because they have shuttered, but because for the past few days they've been rearranging the furniture and giving the place a spring cleaning. (Spring in Los Angeles is whenever anyone who lives here decides it is.) We know this because we went over there this morning and asked them, suddenly worried that our favorite dish, a bowl of brown rice laced with mung beans and tofu and fresh herbs, had permanently disappeared. It was closed, yes, but it will also be open later this afternoon.

Owner Viet Tran was having a bit of lunch and overseeing the moving of furniture, as he's recently decided that he wants to put in more tables — instead of the long communal table — to make it more comfortable for everyone, specifically everyone with kids. He's also thinking about the possibility of a tapas bar. No, not anywhere else, since he's not shuttered and never has been. Right there in the same place (see the tables?) with much the same menu. Note to other redecorating restaurateurs: spring cleaning can be dangerous for business.

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