Updated with riveting subtitles from a WeHo sheriff's detective.

One WeHo thief got very lucky on his designer-handbag spree this morning: The security alarm at Mayfair House on Beverly Boulevard didn't go off for some reason, and a few streetlights on the block were out of order (though that could have been deliberate).

But the bulk of the credit must go to the artist and his tools.

WeHo Daily reports that the plainclothes burglar employed a golf club “to smash the window, and then to fish out over $10,000 worth of high end handbags from display shelving inside the business” around 2 a.m.

The surveillance video is as good as the premise:

Our thief's golf-club strategy backfires a little when a Louis Vuitton-looking purse is prodded into the foreground, but in the end, dude makes off with enough arm candy to last him until the next WeHo Pride Parade.

A 48-hour spree of six smash-and-grab boutique robberies plagued West Hollywood last November. However, those guys were soon nabbed by sheriff's deputies, and this is the first major one since.

The WeHo watch commander says he's not sure if the report has been processed and assigned to a detective yet.

And as for the streetlights: “Sometimes if you illuminate them with a bright light, they'll go out momentarily, because there are sensors for when the sun comes up,” he tells us. “But I don't know if the burglar is that sophisticated.”

If the golf-club idea is any indication, we're leaning affirmative.

Update: Sheriff's Detective Greg Taylor, who's on the case, apparently watched the video even more rapturously than we did: He notes that, right as the thief is walking up to the boutique, “there's a very large bus, or possibly a truck, that goes by.” Then, near the end of the video, the streetlights start to fade back on.

For those reasons, Taylor says he doesn't believe the criminal or an accomplice shut them off — rather, that the large vehicle either rattled the lights out of commission or set off their sensors via headlights.

“Strange coincidence,” he says. Indeed.


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