Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is turning out to be a real gift to the Sacramento press corps.

Since he arrived last month, the Tea Party candidate from Twin Peaks has shown no indication of idling on the Capitol's back benches.

The latest proof is a video in which he literally shreds Gov. Jerry Brown's budget.

1.18.11 Asm. Donnelly / Budget Shreding from CA Assembly GOP on Vimeo.

One other thing he could have cut: his new Ford Edge. (Cost to the taxpayers: $32,000.)

When he's not making videos, Donnelly is tending to the people's business. Last week, he sat in on a meeting about emergency repairs to State Route 330, the mountain road to Running Springs that washed out during the recent rains.

Say, why did that road wash out anyway?

The infrastructure is aging. Highway 330 was built 60 years ago, and a great many areas and the drainage culverts are in need of replacement or rehabilitation, (Caltrans official Ray) Wolfe said. Unfortunately, there is no money to do that type of work until an emergency occurs, he said.

Hey buddy, we're taxed enough already.

Caltrans expects to spend about $20 million on emergency contracts to repair the road. But as long as we're cutting, why not cut that? It would be a symbolic sacrifice.

Some of the commenters on the SacBee website have been pretty tough on Donnelly's video.

Gosh, what a moment in the sun for this yokel. I have three questions: 1) Who is Tim Donnely? 2) Where the hell is Twin Peaks? 3) Does he actually think anyone will care about this little stunt?

So glad you asked. From November, here's a profile entitled “Tim Donnelly's Revolution.”

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