Three young ladies who made this Cinco de Mayo a girl's night out to remember on the Sunset Strip are now facing pretty serious charges: assault with a deadly weapon.

What a buzzkill, right?

Last night, CBS2 picked up on a WeHo Daily story about a dine-and-dash incident on May 5 — in which “three white females” left without paying at 10:15 p.m. — and obtained security footage of the girls at the bar before their ghetto breakaway.

They definitely look like the kind of chicks who could afford a round of margaritas and some nachos:

When Isla Cantina waitress Hillary Osgood ran after the girls, she claims they plowed right past her in their car — hard enough to leave tire marks on her leg — while cackling with glee at their own rebellious streak.

Yup: Sounds like your typical spoiled Sunset Strip brats. The good news is that, even in her state of “Uh, did those bitches actually just run me over with their car?,” Osgood had the good sense to jot down their license plate for the Sheriff's Department to have its way with.

WeHo Daily describes the criminals:

The suspects were described as three white females. Two had blonde hair and one had brown hair. They were all about 5'5″ in height and about 21 years old. One was wearing a sombrero. They fled in a blue Scion eastbound on Holloway from the restaurant on Sunset.

Blasting Ke$ha, no doubt. Cause they crazy like that!


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