Speaking at a recent Tea Party rally in Barstow, Tim Donnelly said he is “going to Sacramento to start the war.”

“I am not going to there to make bad backroom deals,” Donnelly said. “I am not going there to reach across the aisle and make friends. I am going there to reach across the aisle to the enemies of freedom and annihilate them and pound them into the ground and take back our power.”

Donnelly, who is profiled in this week's L.A. Weekly, is favored to win the election in the 59th Assembly District. The district stretches from Arcadia to the High Desert.

At the Oct. 20 rally, captured on video below, Donnelly credits the Tea Party for his success in winning the Republican nomination. He also characterizes legislation to address global warming as a threat to the trucking industry and an encroachment on liberty.

“I'm sorry, I don't worship at the altar of global warming and rabid environmentalism,” he says.

He left the stage with this crowd-pleasing line: “We don't stop until Americans are back in power.”

The L.A. Weekly profile tracks Donnelly's political awakening, his time with the Minutemen, and his views on Mexican culture and the future of Los Angeles.

Donnelly wrote: “It is not a stretch to picture a revolt in Los Angeles, whose population is comprised of over 50 percent illegal aliens.”

The video is by YouTube user G3PRM. Donnelly's speech starts at the 1:23 mark.

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