As if he doesn't have enough in life — Apple, lots of money, unlimited iPhones — Steve Jobs wants your kidney. Actually, he doesn't need your kidney. But as a transplant recipient (he got a new liver last year), the Apple chief wants you to sign up for California's new kidney donor registry — the first of its kind in the nation.

“This new law will save thousands of lives in California each year, where there are not enough organ donors to go around,” the Apple chief said at a ceremony this week to celebrate Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's signing of the liver registry law (SB 1395).

The law will let you sign up when you get your driver's license. You can put your kidney on the line for the nation's first living-donor kidney registry, or you can say, eh, maybe another time, leaving the question open for consideration.

At the ceremony this week Schwarzenegger gave Jobs credit for bringing the matter to Gov's attention:

… We have to give him a lot of credit, because he came back, apparently from Europe or from somewhere where he called me and he said that, you know, in Europe, in Spain, they have no waiting list because you can only opt out; that if you don't opt out then you are automatically on a donor list.

So we tried to copy the same thing and we talked about that seven months ago. But our Constitution in the United States is different than the Spanish Constitution, so we could not legally do that. So we did the next best thing


After all the cash we've spent on Apple products, it already feels like we've donated an arm and a leg. A kidney should be relatively painless.

LA Weekly