The children of Mira Costa High were this close to seeing their Manhattan Beach campus catapulted into the stoner-rap hall of fame this month. Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg, two of SoCal fattest potheads, had chosen Mira Costa as the set of their stoniest video collaboration yet: “High School.” It's the title track for their upcoming full-length film, and the premise is — they got punz! — “smoking a lot of weed” in high school. Real shocker, right?

Still, somehow, when signing the shooting permit, the Manhattan Beach Unified School District didn't register the punz — perhaps further blinded by a healthy $3,000-per-day comp rate. But it's hard to feign ignorance when shit starts getting real on YouTube:

If you can sit through incessant footage of this Pro Reese douche's underchin, you'll find some pretty incriminating shots of Snoop at 1:10. As Mira Costa Principal Ben Dale so squarely explained to Manhattan Beach Patch:

In the video, the rapper, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, Jr., can be seen pulling a box of what appears to be cigars from inside his jacket, but what another crew member refers to as “pre-rolled.”

“He's only talking about one thing,” Dale said.

Oh, and in case there was any confusion:

“It was evident to us that they did not act with professionalism,” Dale told Patch, “and did not understand where they were — a high school campus.”

One adult who can't rightly feign ignorance in the shoot's messy aftermath is Vice Principal Paula Spence, who posed with Snoop in some photos that later ended up on Facebook. Heh. Teachers expressed their frustration to the Daily Breeze:

“It's in a Costa classroom. It's recognizable because of the stuff on the wall,” the teacher said.

Students in class began questioning teachers about the propriety of allowing the filming, one teacher said, noting that members of the Mira Costa baseball teams were recently suspended from playing amid rumors of drug and alcohol use.

“All day long, every single class was asking, 'Did you hear about Snoop Dogg? Why is the school letting this happen?' They were questioning the inconsistency,” the teacher said.

Something tells us the kids didn't have too big a problem with the king of West Coast kush christening their locker room with his royal exhale. Assistant Superintendent Steve Romines, on the other hand, is so upset that he's insisting the Mira Costa footage — which allegedly features Snoop sitting on a desk, rapping about MILF sex (awesome) — be destroyed immediately.

We only know one force of outrage that could make the district do such a complete 360: Parents. Indeed, word among YouTube commenters is that Wiz and Snoop were exiled after some angry moms and dads complained about the illicit on-campus activity.

Pro Reese, that eloquent underchinner from the first vid, says:

“ya we got kicked out of the school because some one's mom or dad got mad cuz wiz and snoop was smoking weed!!! at the school lol!!!!! hahahahah”

Now, the MBUSD Substance Abuse Prevention and Education Task Force is chiming in as well, saying it “has worked tirelessly to create a campus culture at all school sites which advocates and supports healthy lifestyle choices.”

Sounds like somebody could use a toke off the peace pipe.

Time will tell if the homemade posters and untended lawns of Mira Costa High make it into the official “High School” music video, against the Superintendent's best wishes. Meanwhile, though, stories of the shoot will no doubt live on for years to come via tall re-tellings in that cutty spot behind the gym.

And as for you, Cameron Diaz: Might all this Snoop-schoolin' bring back some fond memories of your own cutty spot at Long Beach Polytechnic?


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