The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is seeking suspects in a follow-home robbery that led to a woman being hit by a car in downtown L.A. Monday.

LAPD believes the woman was followed by a silver Dodge Challenger and upon stopping at a busy intersection on 8th street and San Francisco street, a suspect exited the Charger and smashed the woman’s car window.

The woman ran away from the scene as the suspects continued to pursue her by car, eventually hitting her as she attempted to run across the street.

Surveillance footage showed the woman being hit and the two suspects approaching her to take her belongings.

The woman was treated on-scene for minor injuries.

Both suspects were described as men in black sweatshirts and black ski masks.

The first suspect is believed to be 5-feet 11-inches tall, wearing white shoes and had a semi-automatic hand gun.

The second suspect also had a handgun and could be seen wearing blue jeans.

The LAPD Robbery-Homicide division believes this may be connected to a trend of Los Angeles-based follow-home robberies that began in 2021. In these robberies, suspects have targeted individuals leaving high-end jewelry stores or restaurants in L.A. The victims are then followed until they arrive at more discrete locations, such as their homes, parking lots, or sparsely populated streets.

The suspects remain at-large and the incident is under investigation by the LAPD Robbery-Homicide division.

LA Weekly