Here's a little L.A. road rage to brighten your Hump Day, brought to you by a more-insightful-than-average, if somewhat hypocritical, YouTuber who thinks most cops, and food trucks, drive better than the majority of cars on Wilshire.

We're not apt to spotlight every angry traffic rant posted on the Tubes, but BurnOutXL brings up some very good points. Ones we hope the myriad terrible drivers of Los Angeles might begin to take into account, someday.

“Why are you doing 30 miles an hour down Wilshire?” he asks, very much rhetorically. “No one goes 30. Not even the cops.”

If you can brave the douche shades, chin pubes and references to Wilshire as “my fucking road” (wow; keep dreaming, Miami), here's the rest:

We say hypocritical because 1) forget lane lines; dude doesn't even use his turn signal, and 2) it's a well-known fact that drivers this raging, and this self-absorbed, are the worst on the road. As soon as the camera went off, judging by key character (read: gender) traits, we're willing to bet our last five street-sweeping tickets that this aspiring filmmaker departed semi-sanity for an unstoppable rampage of tailgating and shooting for gaps.

Still. He's got a point about Wilshire. Why would one waste the two hours per day that traffic isn't at a standstill going under the speed limit? It's baffling, and decidedly worth a douchey YouTube rant.

Some more insights from the video's blurb:

It can take a 1/2 hour to drive 1 mile in Los Angeles traffic. Especially @ Sepulveda & the 405, where they screwed up the road in both directions, probably to convince us to fund the new subway system.


People don't know how to drive in this state. And there's an accident on every freeway & highway in the first 5 minutes of rain.



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