Tustin resident Ahmad Mabrok, 29, may have just set a new standard for worst Saturday night ever.

Or best, we suppose — if you're into jumping from fiery stolen vehicles and getting your junk licked by ferocious police dogs. (And, uh, spending the rest of your life trying to move past your YouTube celebrity status as the naked Hummer-limo thief of Orange County.)

Mabrok was trailed by California Highway Patrol officers from Irvine, where he allegedly jacked the limo, all the way to southern L.A. County, where news helicopters watched the unthinkable go down.

Our sister news blog at OC Weekly first posted the Reuters video yesterday morning, but an ITN News version with much juicier angles is now nearing 100,000 views. (Because the world apparently wants to see Mabrok's naked mauling in the most NSFW form possible. Sickos.)

The embarrassing moment has since picked up steam in the UK. Irvine police tell the Daily Mail that “the unidentified man was fully dressed when he took the Hummer limousine from its driver at gunpoint” — so he must have de-robed sometime during the drive to Whittier.

And the CHP showdown got weirder.

Waving his arms, the alleged thief sprinted through a residential area but was promptly captured by a police dog, who tackled him to the ground.

The German Shepherd managed to hold the man at bay until two officers restrained him and took him away.

On second thought, maybe this was an even more memorable Saturday night for said police dog. Junk sniffing and thief nabbing, in one fell swoop? Doesn't get much more rewarding than that.

Update, 11:30 a.m.: What appear to be Mabrok's Google+ and Facebook profiles list him as a Tustin resident and 2005 graduate of Irvine Valley College. “I work an 8 to 5 job, hit the gym throughout the week, hang out with family and acquaintances and friends,” reads his “About Me” section. And his photos make him out to be a buff, normal-ish dude with a ying-yang symbol tattooed on his back. You tell us: Look familiar?

Strangely, his December 10 arrest report only includes a charge of “battery.” Guess the whole naked-robbery thing hasn't stuck yet, despite hilarious video evidence.

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