Updated after the jump: The pair reach greater L.A.

A pair of New York men are taking the ultimate road trip to L.A. — in a taxi.

That's right, John Belitsky and Dan Wuebben decided to take a cab to Los Angeles after a night of partying last Friday. It comes off as kind of a dare, but at least the duo got a good deal:

A cabbie is manning the wheel for $5,000 instead of the estimated $17,000 it would cost on-the-meter, according to WHDH-TV.

“We got a Jew, a Catholic, and a Muslim,” Belitsky said of the California-bound trio.

They hailed hack Mohammed Alam at La Guardia Airport and instructed him to drive 3,000 miles west. The pair allowed the driver to stop at home, get some clothes, and tell his wife about the trip, however.

The big question here, of course, is why?

“You walk out of New York City, you hail a cab. They're supposed to take you anywhere, and you want to go to L.A.!” Wuebben told the TV station.

They expect to be here Sunday. Are they cabbing it back? The duo hasn't yet decided.

We just hope the pair brought pizza and bagels with them. They just aren't the same here.

Update: The duo appears to have reached the edge of the greater L.A. area. Wuebben tweets:

I CAN SEE SMOG AND WE JUST HIT TRAFFIC!!! We are cruisin in HOV lane. Happy earth day you beautiful blue ball in space.

[Spotted at Huffington Post].

First posted at 12:16 p.m. on Thursday, April 21.


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