Of all the “crazy naked man” incidents we've seen in L.A. (and we've seen a lot), the guy who terrorized the Hollywood Hills on June 12 takes the Stanley Cup.

Among his various activities that sunny morning:

The man was “running up and down the Hollywood Hills” near Outpost and Franklin and “crawling on top of cars,” says WeHo Daily, who was listening to the police scanner at the time.

The gnawing of the antennae. (Click to enlarge.); Credit: Imgur

The gnawing of the antennae. (Click to enlarge.); Credit: Imgur

While on the cartops, photos posted to Reddit show him trying to gnaw off the radio antennae of a nice silver Toyota.

The UK Mirror reports that he was then “tackled to the ground by police near to Hollywood star Orlando Bloom's home after screaming that he was high on drugs.”

LAPD responders reportedly found him face-down in the street with his arms out, mimicking an airplane.

“But when officers tried to approach the deranged individual,” writes the Mirror, “he dived head-first into a shrubbery, leaving just his naked legs hanging out of the bushes.”

Awesome. After pulling him out of his conspicuous hiding spot, cops wrestled him to the pavement and handcuffed him, as observed in a priceless video by TMZ paparazzi (who were reportedly in the area to stalk celebs that live nearby).

Crazy naked man's famous last words: “I'm going to roll down the hill. Let me inch like an inch worm! Let me inch like an inch worm!”

And as a grand finale before his trip to the LAPD's Hollywood Station, our hero tries to lick a piece of ABC gum off the street. The end.

At least he didn't chew some celebutante's face off, we suppose.

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