It seemed like nobody around here noticed, but attorney-to-the-disgruntled Gloria Allred was spoofed in the opening of this weekend's Saturday Night Live. The show was planned after Meg Whitman's Allred-fanned nannygate hit the news, and apparently before gubernatorial rival Jerry Brown faced his own whoregate problems that overshadowed Whitman's illegal-immigrant issue.

Allred was portrayed by UCLA alum Nasim Pedrad, who had to have witnessed the lawyer rep many a crying client before news cameras during her time in Westwood (she was raised in O.C.).

The skit took the form of a show, Ask Gloria Allred (video after the jump):

Asked why she outed Nicky Diaz as an illegal immigrant, thus exposing her to possible deportation, Allred says, “That's a good question. I'm going to recommend that Nicky hire a good immigration lawyer.”

Asked if there were anything she wouldn't do to get her “butt-ugly mug in front of the camera,” Allred says, “I guess my answer would be no.”

We have a soft-spot for Allred, if only because she generates so much sensational news in this town. So it was also nice to see fake Allred get to utter those immortal words:

“Live from New York, It's Saturday Night.”

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