The one percenters (okay, maybe they're 10 percenters) who live around the Hollywood sign have been pissed off at all the tourists who nose around their neighborhood because they happen to live … near the friggin' Hollywood sign!

(Listen folks, don't move near an iconic tourist attraction if you don't like tourists. You don't see us occupying Disneyland, now do you?).

Anyway, these NIMBYs were rightly treated to an airborne buzzing of epic proportions last week:

The so-called Red Bull Air Force performed a first-of-its kind wingsuit dive over the Hollywood sign with the help of a helicopter. It was captured in a video clip released today:

Red Bull spokesman Scott Houston told the Weekly the whole thing was legal and approved by the FAA and that the divers ( four guys and a cameraman — Luke Aikins, Miles Daisher, Mike Swanson, Andy Farrington and Jon DeVore) safely landed at Lake Hollywood Park.

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He said:

It was the first time someone has done low-level wingsuit flying over the Hollywood sign.

The most amazing thing is that Red Bull received no complaints from the famously thin-skinned neighbors.

This was the third time the team has used its radical wingsuits, which puff open to provide still wings along the users' arms, to stage such a stunt. The first was over the Space Needle in Seattle (after authorities wouldn't let the Red-Bullers B.A.S.E. jump from it) and the second was over Chicago for the taping of a Transformers franchise, Houston said.

Each time they landed safely with the help of parachutes.

We want to see the team buzz City Hall and land at the Occupy L.A. encampment next.


LA Weekly