This morning, it's NBC Los Angeles versus the rogue party buses of Hollywood, for a hard-hitting news clip that doesn't take “Let go of me!” for an answer. Video after the jump.

NBC reporter Ana Garcia and her night-shift news crew apparently spent their weekend with LAPD officers and Public Utilities Commissioners, trolling for unlicensed limos, buses and “hummers the length of four cars!” Garcia even got into a fight with a douche mob from Malibu. We'd make a parody, but there's really no way to out-funny the real thing.

The investigation into Hollywood's unsuspecting bro-mobiles begins with an elevator house beat and a party's-over attitude:

Some highlights.

Garcia grills a poor, balding Middle-Eastern guy who's been renting out luxury rides in a Chevy Suburban disguised as an Escalade.

“And they think they're rollin' in a Cadillac!” taunts Garcia, happy as a clam, referring to the unsuspecting party-bus passengers.

She then finds one such group: 24 obliterated bachelors watching what would have been their sweet, stripper-poled ride home get towed to the impound lot. Not the kind of dude you'd want to mess with, right?

Oh — Garcia goes there.

When one of the young bucks gets rowdy, she storms over to him. “Do not touch the camera!” she yells, to which he responds, “Let go of me!” The two then engage in a hand-batting contest as Garcia shouts, “Then get off of me!” Our kinda woman. But hasn't she learned anything from Lohan?

At the end of the night, 11 total road ragers have been confiscated. Party at the impound — unlicensed Lokos on us!

LA Weekly