Bread + cheese may be God's perfect food, but building a career rapping about it? That's another level of obsession. (Thank god our early mix tape, Squiddy D: Outta The Pan & Into Tha Deep Fryer, is long out of print. No one needs to hear us rhyming “manchego” with “Anza Borrego.”)

Thanks to our pals at Europopped, we couldn't resist this video of Greek-American rapper So Tiri (a.k.a. Billy Anastasiou), paying tribute to feta and to feta cheese bread in his just dropped video for “Feta kai Psomi.”

Unless you're into befuddled goats in the streets of NYC, there's nothing particularly sexy about this video, which is to say it's no lobster fellatio. So Tiri does, however, rap about the virtues of cheese bread over a beat by Jerimiah & 50 Cent while wearing a bulletproof vest. Hey, saganaki can be dangerous.

LA Weekly