Have you ever wondered what it's like behind the scenes in businesses where women disrobe for cash? What's that…you have? Well, you're not alone. And fortunately, one of the other people who wondered the very same thing is a filmmaker.

Artemus Jenkins is the man behind a new YouTube documentary series called “Power of Pussy,” which follows several strippers who work at Magic City, one of Atlanta's most popular nudie joints.

Two episodes of the series have been released so far. In the first, girls talk about how they got into the business (HINT: most did it for something green and made out of paper). The second looks at how they perfect their craft, and the differences between strippers and entertainers.

“It's a difference in being a stripper and being an entertainer,” says NuNu, one of the girls profiled in the series, “it's a very big difference. Anybody can strip. Anybody can stand there, shake they ass, whatever, dance, whatever, but to actually put on a show and entertain somebody? I mean, it's a talent.”

LA Weekly