L.A. Weekly recently joined theCardboard City crew, Definitive Jux rapper Chris “Cage” Palko and actor Shia LaBeouf on the downtown L.A. set of the music video “I Never Knew You,” the first single of Cage's upcoming album Depart From Me, and the directorial debut for LaBeouf.

Read the entire story about the making of the video, their collaboration and their friendship: “The Actor Becomes a Director: With Shia LaBeouf and Chris 'Cage' Palko, Making the 'I Never Knew You' Video.”

Also, check out the “I Never Knew You” teaser videos after the jump from on set and in the editing bay, found on Cage's MySpace Music site.

The video for “I Never Knew You” premieres May 18 on MTV2. Depart From Me will be released on July 7 on Definitive Jux.

Behind the scenes of the “I Never Knew You” video directed by Shia LaBeouf

“I Never Knew You” teaser

Cage's “I Never Knew You” live secret show after video shoot

In the editing bay

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