Charlotte Gainsbourg is a musician, but she is also a muse. In her music and film career, she has been paired with critically lauded creative types like Michel Gondry, Lars Von Trier, Air, and, most recently, Beck.

For her new video for “Time of the Assassins,” Gainsbourg teamed up with photographer Todd Cole, who most recently produced the hauntingly beautiful piece Aanteni featuring L.A. noise merchants No Age, local fashion label Rodarte, and Inglewood's own rocket scientists, Space X.

Although Cole's gravity-defying film isn't as much fun as director Keith Schofield's take on Gainsbourg's “Heaven Can Wait,” it's always enjoyable to see the chanteuse injected into the scenarios others have dreamed up. When I spoke with her last year, she told me that working with others helped to structure her own creativity. “I like being directed. My creativity comes out with others. That's why I liked being involved with Beck. I can't do anything on my own. I like the idea of entering someone else's world. I find more freedom inside someone else's work rather than being completely free, and able to create anything. I don't picture myself as someone very creative. But it's true that I do well with barriers. I feel freer with barriers.”

Watch “Time of the Assassins,” Todd Cole's beautiful “Aanteni” and “Heaven Can Wait.”

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