Perhaps the L.A. County Sheriff's Department is looking to offset a more unflattering video currently making the rounds on the Internet?

This morning, in wake of the controversy, the department's (quite excellently maintained) Facebook account was playing up the January 8 rescue of a fallen cyclist on the Marshall Canyon County Park trail. And though it's basically just a promo trailer for one agency's own awesomeness, so is every flash-mob video we've ever posted, and this one's just as cool, so whatever. We'll bite.

Thank heaven for helmet cams:

The experience is akin to watching a roller-coaster cam or horse cam — now we know what it'd be like to get airlifted out of Marshall Canyon, without ever having to crash and burn ourselves.

According to the Sheriff's Department, the cyclist “fell from bike trail and received injuries, including to his face.” So the “Air-5 and Search & Rescue” team swooped down, “hoisted him into the helicopter and flew him to receive hospital care.”

The trail at Marshall Canyon can be a tricky one, with steep downhills and weather-ravaged dirt. But that doesn't mean everyone suffers the fate of the dude who had to be sheepishly lifted out last weekend! Here's the other side of the story, via handlebar cam:

Sweet. More cams the better, brah.

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