You thought Burning Man as seen from space was a trip.

Some YouTuber recently posted a time-lapse video of the hippy dippy action at the Playa near Black Rock, Nevada, and from the looks of it you wouldn't know this was the dirty, debaucherous, bacchanalian rave it has come to be.

No, this video is all clean and neat, complete with …

… ambient music and gorgeous horizons.

You would think that Burning Man, SoCal's favorite excuse to party, was the root of all life and the center of high-technology. What this imagery doesn't give you:

-The smells of 45-year-old LSD burnout after five days of living in a rented RV with no running water.

-The anger of a jilted ecstasy buyer who got sold No-Doz instead.

-The hyena-like sounds of a Orange County teen's first bad trip.

-The lovely taste of dirt and sand in the morning.

-The sound of horrible, 135-beats-per-minute, 1999 trance music.

We know LA Weekly people are hardcore burners. We're just joshin.' Don't trip (again).


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