We thought flash mobs couldn't get more corporate than that bubblegum stunt last month in which the Disney stars from “Lemonade Mouth” gave Apple Store shoppers at the Grove their most exciting memory since the release of the white iPhone.

But as of yesterday, we have a definite challenger: PacSun appears to have commissioned a shameless bikini advertisement on the Grove's front lawn, where a few dozen fresh-faced 20somethings in brand-new swimwear group-clapped and shimmied their way into the hearts of every last gawking bro and confused baby on the premises. Get happy…

PacSun is pretty proud of itself, claiming to have “hijacked the Grove in Los Angeles and made it our summer playground for a few minutes,” though that's just a hardcore way to say they've tricked us into craving a new bikini on a chilly week in May.

The brand-new Passion Pit track — a mashup of La Roux's “I'm Not Your Toy” and Young the Giant's “My Body” — is equally predictable; just the kind of crap that subconsciously makes us want to buy, buy, buy in over-the-hill mall traps like Abercrombie and, well, Pacific Sunwear. (Damn do we sound old.)

Admirably, though, as one YouTube commenter puts it, “these are like real people… the girls aren't model skinny and the guys aren't like super ripped. it's cool.”

(Then again, we can respect superhuman fembot types for their strengths, too; the Grove will host the girls of Victoria's Secret for another bikini flash mob of sorts from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. today.)

One thing we can all agree on, PacSun included: Half-naked people dancing at the mall beats fully clothed people standing around being boring at the mall, any day. Amen.


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