Is a “Rise of the Planet of the Black Bears” playing out in northeast Los Angeles County?

First there was Glendale bear, a strapping young dude who yielded for no pedestrian texter in his hunt for the mighty meatball. Then came Altadena bear, a mother of two who chose a residential sidewalk tree for her afternoon nap.

And as of Memorial Day Weekend…

… we're introduced to the Monrovia bear (otherwise known as “Larry”), whose taste in humanstuffs is more creepily refined than ever.

Resident Rachel Gasparini, listed as 26 years old on her YouTube account, shot this hilarious footage of Monrovia bear doing his thing in her family's gorgeous infinity-edge swimming pool on Memorial Day.

And Gasparini doesn't seem to care a bit.

“It climbed the fences into our backyard when my sister and I were home alone,” she writes. “The bear ended up taking a dip in the water and swam! What a great memorial day :)”

The Gasparini sisters tell the Los Angeles Times that they didn't bother to call authorities — because “it wasn't any making a ruckus or it wasn't like destroying things in our backyard” — and instead let Monrovia bear make his own way back into the San Gabriel Mountains.

But not before watching him “float around” and “chill” for a while.

The amused videographers say Monrovia bear even had the audacity to perch himself, human-style, on the pool's fancy underwater stools for a spell, allowing for a killer view of the Valley.

Which is all a little evolutionarily advanced for our taste.

Next thing you know, these 500-pound forest beasts with V.I.P. taste will be waltzing down from the mountains to crash Kardashian weddings and stage fur-free protests on the streets of West Hollywood.

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