The weed-decriminalization group Marijuana Policy Project says Victoria Stanzione, a Pepperdine University sophomore, has been denied the ability to intern at its Washington headquarters for school credit.

The group suggested that Pepperdine, a Christian school, is not being very Christian-like in denying the student's application.

The Project notes that it does not promote marijuana use, just better drug law:

MMP spokeswoman Morgan Fox says the student's work would have contributed to “social justice:”

We are extremely disappointed that Pepperdine University would deny any student the opportunity to learn about public policy by working on this important social justice issue. We do not promote marijuana use, but we recognize that marijuana prohibition has failed and does far more harm than good. A growing number of clergy members are recognizing that criminalizing non-violent marijuana users is a destructive and misguided policy, and even more have spoken out in favor of allowing the seriously ill to use marijuana medicinally. Pepperdine needs to consider the message it is sending with this decision.

Deans at the school's Seaver College are said to have turned down Stanzione's internship application.

Pepperdine associate dean Michael Feltner is quoted by MMP as explaining that “the internship is not aligned with the mission and purpose of Pepperdine University and I cannot approve the internship for academic credit.”

We emailed Feltner and called and emailed Pepperdine spokesman Bill Krenn but had yet to hear back.

Meanwhile the decriminalization group notes that even the likes of conservative Christian televangelist Pat Robertson has supported legalizing pot.

And it rolled out a reverend of its own, Alexander Sharp, executive director emeritus of Protestants for the Common Good, who says:

We are called as Christians to engage this world, not run away from it. Our current drug policies raise fundamental questions of compassion and justice. We cannot avoid these issues and still be true to the Gospel.

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