Vicetone Builds a Legacy: Dutch duo Vicetone has just released its debut album, Legacy. The guys describe the record as a mixture of the sounds they grew up with.

“We really think this album has something for everyone – our newer and older fans, as well as people that aren’t familiar with our sound yet,” they say. “It was an amazing process to make music that is deeply meaningful to us and we hope this album will be timeless. Emotion, melodies, and good energy are what we always try to achieve with our music and we feel that we’ve done that with Legacy.”

The past

The Vicetone men (Ruben den Boer and Victor Pool) started producing in 2012.

“Ruben had finished building his home studio and Victor was the first person to be invited,” they say. “Once we then started working together, it was clear as day that our collaborative process was extremely easy and effective. We loved making music together so much that we quit our studies less than a year later and we were doing music full time within a year as well.”

The present

Nine years later, the guys describe their style as melodic, energetic and harmonic, and they split their time between the States and the Netherlands.

“We go back and forth a lot when there isn’t a global pandemic happening,” they say. “We love being in both countries as it gives us a lot of flexibility when it comes to touring and planning studio time around said tours. Our main studios are located in Nashville, where we wrote some of the songs of the album. We lived in L.A. before this and while we loved it, we wanted something different and Nashville was a great fit. There’s a lot of creativity here with writers from all different genres and it’s intoxicating to be in a creative environment like that.”

The future

Looking deeper into 2021, Vicetone can’t wait to take the new music to the fans.

“Our goal is to start touring again this year, so once people are vaccinated and the circumstances are safe again, you can bet that we’re going to be playing all this new music for our fans!”

Vicetone’s Legacy album is out now.


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