If we ever start a band, we're gonna call it “secret special guest.” Okay that's probably about as lame as “Barenaked Ladies,” but there's no denying the frequency of the words “surprise” and “secret” on party invites these days.

Usually, the secrecy is about contractual obligations with another venue, but more often not, it's simply about generating anticipation. In the case of this Vice magazine “Fall Vibes” bash tomorrow night, it's the best reason of all: the mega-producer/superstar DJ is way too huge for the venue, and the appearance will be pure insanity.

So who is it? Two hints: he's part of “hot-mess bodyrock” (our words from the Dance Club pick) collective who took over Avalon recently and he's the subject of a West Coast Sound Blog post today. Also, the invite kinda gives it away.

Abe Vigoda, Paul Devro, Zakmatic and free tequila aint nuthin to sneeze at either. Wear a DON'T get-up (maybe one of those Middle Eastern scarves?) and muss your hair for maximum Vice vibes.


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