How “cool” is Mexico City? Well, the new issue of Vice magazine is all about Mexico, and especially the capital. You can lament this, ignore this, or just get over it and go see the bands. A week ago the editors and media agents behind the urban bad-kid cocky hipster brand converged upon town for a party of epic depravity, even by Mexico City standards.

For starters there was nearly a News Divine-style crush to get in (“News Divine” is fast becoming a darkly cynical local colloquialism). When The Black Lips stepped up to the sorta-not-really-there stage at the Tropicana in Plaza Garibaldi (a sufficiently vice-y venue), the sweaty, frenzied crowd went bonkers.

I kicked it behind the stage while Abe from Projector Studio grabbed my camera and dove into the moshpit, where the harried event organizers were unable to hold back the mania. Black Lips bandmates appeared juiced either way. Afterwards, DJs, more drinks, bumps in the bathroom, and a sloppy fight outside. In other words, for Vice, SUCCESS!

Above, fashion designer Denise Marchebout.

LA Weekly