Mark McCarthy (Gavin McInnes) is dying of breast cancer, which means he has only a matter of months to capture his greatest fatherly advice on film for his unborn son. Ad-vice like: how to fight a bully, how to shoot heroin and how to give a woman amazing oral sex. That last item is a solo performance by McInnes (in a crowded bar) that will have men taking notes for eternity.

How to Be a Man, which premiered March 15 on Netflix and digital download, is the second feature from Fox Digital Studios, located next to the janitor's closet on the Fox lot in Century City. Fox Digital's indie-esque budgets, paired with its friends in high places and distribution flexibility, allows it to take risks on new filmmakers and edgy or niche material.]
“Fox Digital is focused on identifying and supporting unique new voices, and connecting them with their natural audience,” explains senior vice president David Worthen, who was a fan of McInnes' comedic voice from Vice magazine and sought him out to develop a project.

“What excites me about this story is men have become total pussies,” McInnes says in an interview. “[They] all look like German stay-at-home dads who are working on their first novel. Drag queens are more masculine.”

And while he's dolling out advice, McInnes has some for filmmakers too: “I think all indie filmmakers should just give up on distribution. Unless you're Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you're not getting into theaters, so fuck the laurels and just go straight to Netflix. If it's a great movie, the meritocracy of the web will vote it up.”

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