Veteran and Successful Entrepreneur Toto Steubesand is committed to helping others

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Unfortunately, most people go through life without discovering a true passion. Many people are content with holding down a job, earning a living, and spending as much time as they can with their families. For others, the ultimate success is being able to follow one’s passion and make a living doing it while also devoting time to loved ones. Toto Steubesand is an excellent example of someone who discovered his passion through life events, capitalized on it, and turned it into a profitable business.

Toto got his start in business by shadowing his father, with whom he worked side by side as a child in the laundry industry. He decided to join the German armed forces in the mid-1990s, eventually becoming a member of the navy. He gained a deeper understanding of discipline and the importance of giving his all to everything he attempted as a result of these experiences.

The entrepreneur was able to transform his warrior mindset on the battlefield into a mindset capable of confronting his business aspirations head on. Toto Steubesand became the CEO of a renowned martial arts school, AbwehrKraft, where he teaches military personnel, police enforcement officers, all other aspects of security, and the general public close-quarter combat and correct weapon use.

Martial arts is an excellent sport for all age groups that promotes self-discipline, cultivates charisma and flexibility, builds strength and character, and establishes high moral values. Recently, instances like kidnapping, physical assaults, and human trafficking have been brought to the forefront making self-defense an excellent investment.

His military experience has given him a detailed understanding of fighting, conflict resolution, and security. With his security expertise, it’s no surprise that he also serves as CEO of ZST Security Service Consulting and Technology GmbH in Bordesholm (near Kiel), northern Germany. There, he and his team prioritize the well-being of his customers and their families, as well as privacy and confidentiality.

Through this business venture, Toto is able to arrange for the installation of new alarm systems and window locks, deploy investigators to investigate suspected behaviors, and provide personal security. Toto gives his customer the option to select their preferred method of transportation, which includes a chauffeur as well as a trained bodyguard to ensure that the client is comfortable and safe in their care. Parents who are worried about their kids’ safety when they go to the park, a friend’s house, or elsewhere can get in touch with Toto and his team. Toto works hard to guarantee that his businesses provide the best services to his customers.

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