Venture into the Godlands: Australian producer Godlands got her start in electronic music one day on math class when she and a friend were not doing any work.

“She showed me The Bloody Beetroots ‘Cornelius’ music video and instantly I wanted to become a DJ,” she says. “I spent every paycheck trying to buy DJ equipment. Spending most nights finding new music and burning them onto CDs so I could play them very loudly in my bedroom (much to my mum’s disapproval). Once I had all the gear I was doing 7-hour house parties for $100, the parents were loving that deal. When I turned 18, I was approached by a nightclub owner to play hip hop at a club, keep in mind I had only learnt house music so getting booked for a hip hop gig was pretty intimidating since hip hop is made completely different to house. I’ve always said if you know how to mix hip hop, you can mix anything. It started to get serious when I decided to start making my own music. Cut to now and I’m travelling the world doing something I love. I feel extremely lucky.”

She describes her sound today as “a little bit of everything.”

“I tend to make a lot of different genres, trap, bass house, future, dnb, hip-hop,” she says. “I think just all of those genres intertwine with each other as well as other influences of particular sounds. It’s really a guessing game to be honest. I think it just comes down to energy. I like to pack my tracks with energy.”

Godlands says that the electronic music scene in Australia has been a real slog during the pandemic.

“Our industry was practically abandoned by our government and so the domino effect of venues being shut down, festivals being constantly rescheduled or cancelled or both, jobs being lost and no real way out – it can really do a lot of damage to artists and those within the music industry,” she says. “For me, the only thing that got me through and actually helped me as an artist was to keep working and keep improving. It sort of gave me an excuse to lock myself away and work on my art. Nowadays we’ve kicked back into gear and are finally putting on shows, tours and festivals which have been so desperately needed over the last two years. However it does feel like you have to reintroduce yourself especially because we lost two years of touring demographic. It’s strange but I’m grateful to be back at it again!”

The new single is “TELL ME.”

“About six months ago, Brad (Tisoki) requested WIPS/demos for a mix he was working on,” Godlands says. “He really liked the original idea of ‘TELL ME’ and wanted to jump on it and work some of his magic. That he did! It was a super easy process and we both really get along so we smashed it out and it’s now what it is today. Super easy collaboration and super fun, I feel so stoked to have worked with a bucket list artist of mine.”

Looking ahead, Godlands has plenty planned for this year.

“I have my GODSP33D EP with Monstercat releasing later this year and currently getting together an AUS/NZ mini tour in June/July,” she says. “I’m stoked to say I’ll also be heading to Amsterdam for ADE in October which will be incredible as I’ve never been to Europe so I can’t wait.”

Venture into the Godlands: Godlands’ “TELL ME” single is out now.

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