If a tsunami ever hit the Southern California coast, Venice would be in for a catastrophic drenching. That much is made clear by a state map that projects inundation (after the jump).

So why then, with Newport Beach having installed Japanese-style warning sirens last year, and some in Huntington Beach as well, doesn't SoCal's most-densely populated beach community have them?

Good question posed by Yo! Venice! We put it to area city Councilman Bill Rosendahl's office …

… and a rep told us Venice does indeed have a warning system — a “reverse 911” system in which residents are called if a tsunami looms.

California's tsunami map for Venice and MDR.

California's tsunami map for Venice and MDR.

The councilman actually spearheaded efforts, we're told, to get that system up-and-running.

Still, with so many homeless people on the streets and in RVs, and so many young Venetians who only have mobile phones, it seems like a siren system would be apropos too.

After all, Venice was established on low-lying wetlands. The map shows that a wave could reach as far as Abbot Kinney Boulevard (which is a mile inland at Washington Boulevard) and inundate Marina Del Rey as well.

So make some noise, Venice, if you want tsunami-warning sirens.

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