Fox News this week posted a video that takes a look at the RV situation in Venice that has caused some differences of opinion among residents — some defend the rights of those who live in their rigs while others, including the city of L.A., consider it blight.

It's a such a contentious issue that even reporters who try to get the truth are seen as agents of gentrification in the liberal beach community. In the video a “motor-homeless” man tosses a piece of plywood at the reporter and pretty much tells him there's more where that came from.

The piece notes that the California Coastal Commission has knocked down the city's attempt to create overnight parking restrictions that would have had the effect of pushing the RV dwellers out.

“It's the only piece of land near the beach from Santa Barbara to San Diego that doesn't have the right to have parking restrictions,” L.A. city Councilman Bill Rosendahl tells the network.

It's clear that a lot has happened since Fox did its reporting: The councilman has moved forward with a plan to create special overnight parking areas for the RVs, and the city is essentially appealing the commission's decision on parking restrictions.

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