Some Venice residents are upset that marijuana pipes are sold in the marijuana capital of America — the Venice boardwalk — and have planned to file suit against the city.

But before you say, Duh, where else would find a good bong, consider:

The lawsuit would note that a city ordinance prohibits the peddling of “drug paraphernalia” within 500 feet of a public park, according to Venice311, and …

… Venice along the beach is such a city park.

Credit: Carl-Johan Sveningsson

Credit: Carl-Johan Sveningsson

According to Venice311:

Now aware of a clear and direct violation of laws designed specifically to keep the presence of drug related items away from children – local residents are now no longer relying on LAPD, and are taking up a lawsuit against the City of LA and the business owners involved directly.

We reached out to the City Attorney's office: A rep said they hadn't heard of the suit, but he was looking into it.

A concerned resident told Venice311, “When you look at the age of the people shopping in those stores, you realize it appeals to a youthful crowd.”

Damn pot-smoking whipper snappers.

Venice has never seen the likes of them. (Oh, wait, there's that whole history as an epicenter of counterculture with the Beats, Jim Morrison, et. al.).

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We'll keep you updated on this movement against the tools of toking.

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