HBO is hosting its 10th annual Luxury Lounge in honor of the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills on Sept. 21-22 to ply the stars of its hit shows, plus all of the Emmy nominees and presenters who care to show, with gifts (handbags, jewelry, clothes, makeup, baby strollers), services (manicures, blowouts) and booze.

Basil Hayden's bourbon, one of the event's sponsors, asked L.A. bartender Rob Floyd (Bar Centro at the SLS Hotel) to create signature cocktails for the party inspired by HBO's most popular series. (Basil Hayden's is made using twice as much rye as traditional bourbons, a family recipe that dates back to 1796, making it extra, um, ryey.) See what the bacon fat-washed bourbon aficionado (“Mad Scientist” Floyd also loves using liquid nitrogen and blow torches in cocktails) came up with, plus a recipe, after the jump.

Stop and Sip Julep: Inspired by Curb Your Enthusiasm (Bourbon with lime juice, simple syrup, mint leaves and “quality” ginger ale)

Dragon Dance: Inspired by Game of Thrones

(Bourbon with Serrano or jalapeno pepper, simple syrup, lime juice and blackberries)

Running Mate: Inspired by Veep

(See below)

Bees Knees: Inspired by Boardwalk Empire

(Bourbon with lemon juice, honey and fresh ginger, garnished with fresh basil)

Floyd kindly shared his recipe for the “Running Mate” with us, which we chose in honor of Paul Ryan, because he looks like Eddie Munster all grown up and gone insane, which somehow is kind of sexy in a really disturbing way. Let us toast to his remaining in the Cheese State after Nov. 2.

“I wanted to create something spicy, fun and intelligent to honor the star of the show [Julia Louis-Dreyfus],” Floyd said. “She is my favorite and she's so incredibly sparkly — hence the gold dust! Also, I wanted it to be an easy drink to make at home that has a wow effect!”

Running Mate Cocktail

From: Rob Floyd

Makes: 1 drink

2 parts Basil Hayden's bourbon

3/4 parts cranberry juice

3/4 parts lime juice

1/2 part simple syrup

1 pinch edible gold dust

Fresh raspberries and blueberries

1. Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and shake.

2. Strain into a martini glass.

3. Garnish with two raspberries and one blueberry on a toothpick.

(Note: Don't think you can crash the party wearing a platinum wig and saying you are looking for your dragons. It won't work.)

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