The biggest name in flower vaporizers just got a bit more portable as Storz and Bickel just announced the Venty.

Storz and Bickel has been the top name in tabletop flower vaporizers for decades, continually evolving the Volcano with the latest tech. Their newest offering the Venty is expected to be their latest standard bearer for a different part of the vaporizer sector they are yet to conquer. 

The Venty was announced moments ago during a global keynote hosted by Jürgen Bickel, founder and managing director of Storz and Bickel. 

“The Venty marks a significant milestone in Storz & Bickel’s innovation journey. As our first entirely new product since 2014, the Venty builds on our longstanding commitment to quality and innovation. It follows our objective to deliver the highest quality vaporizer experience possible from any device,” Bickel told the audience. “Featuring industry-leading technology, the Venty is set to revolutionize consumption, giving consumers a convenient and customizable vaporizing experience that takes the best of what consumers have come to love in Storz & Bickel’s tabletop and portable devices by combining them into one incredible package.”

We got the chance to chat with Bickel a bit before his big speech today. He emphasized when they first went to the drawing board in 2016 to start working on what eventually would become the Venty, the two main goals were getting the heating time to a reasonable speed and making sure the airflow was good enough to let you take deep cloudy rips.9E3A5908

They accomplished both during the development cycle. Bickel noted that similar to the company’s other products, the main hurdles came in developing the heating element. Eventually it worked too good, so Storz and Bickel had to develop a cooling chamber at the top of the device to make the rips a bit more comfortable to inhale. Bickel noted to us that the cooling chamber holds one of the Venty three patents. 

Bickel went over the development cycle. 

“We had one development we had to leave out. It was a mesh heating element that heated up extremely fast but then you couldn’t control the temperature level. The fluctuation was way too high. On the top you were way too hot and on the bottom too cold,” Bickel said. 

The new mini heater they developed proved the solution to their problems. Bickel noted how stringent they were about quality in the development cycle because the vaporizer draws a lot of power, and puts a lot of stress on the circuit board. With safety always being at the forefront, they went overboard making sure everything is perfect. Part of the reason the device needs so much energy is because it’s designed to allow 20 liters of airflow every second. 

“It’s all about the energy, the mini heater, the rate of efficient heat exchange, and great software to manage it,” Bickel said. 

Bickel noted the airflow was so good, they added a wheel on the side that lets you turn it down a bit since those heavy rips aren’t for everyone. 

The battery is generally very similar to Storz and Bickel’s Mighty. These days though, the company benefits from usb fast-charging options that weren’t available a decade ago for their last product launch. You can get The Venty about 80% charged in 40 minutes. 

Bickel noted they weren’t really looking at the market or the way others were doing it when they came up with the idea. 

“We think, we are Storz and Bickel, we think this is what’s missing. What we want to offer as an option,” Bickel said before noting in size and scale sense it’s pretty comparable to the market, “maybe a little bit bigger than other ones. Maybe it’s a little more expensive than other ones. But it also delivers more than others do. We don’t think too much in terms of the market and price points. At the end of the day, it comes out with what you have. We don’t work with target pricing and stuff like that. We just work as long as we need to.”

We asked Bickel what he thinks Storz and Bickel’s diehard fans will react to the company’s newest product. He expects it to be very positive. 

“I think we’ll deliver what we’ve always delivered — an excellent device and something you can’t find anywhere else,” he replied. 

Bickel laughed, noting even though the build quality is so good a product might last years or decades as in the case of some of the original analog volcanoes, the company is still doing well and making money. And he argued, the users get a great device, too.  


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