If you agree that California knows how to party, perhaps you're not alone.

America's major moving van lines, United, Atlas and Allied, report that the Golden State, despite its subprime-housing crisis, a state government that's billions underwater and a recently departed governor named Arnold, actually attracted more new people than it sent away.

That's good news (from the Orange County Register, via LA Biz Observed) in a down economy.

New people bring money and they come for the kind of opportunity and dreams (swimming pools, movie stars) that make this state … awesome.

United van lines said inbound California moves were up five percent from 2009 to 2010, with the highest level of California-here-we-comers since 2000. Atlas said such business was up eight percent. Allied said it was up 13 percent.

And just think, van-line using people are good people with like cars and awaiting jobs and soon-be-bought houses and stuff. They're not U-Haul people (yuk). Or even Greyhound-bus using people (Eek).

We kid. A little.

LA Weekly