There's something so quaint and tidy about a kit for eradicating evil. Some of these vampire hunting kits are “authentic.” Some were assembled by artists aiming to capture the antique beauty of the things. Others are straight up hoaxes.

1. The Old Fashioned Vampire Killing Kit with Garlic Syringe — This one sold on Ebay. Supposedly dates to circa 1880 Romania. Contains knife, syringe (for garlic solution), metal teeth pliers (for removing fangs), miscellaneous crosses, and bottles of holy soil. Is it just me, or does that mallet look kind of small?

2. The London Great Exhibition Vampire Hunting Kit — This one sold at Sotheby's for $12,000. It was supposedly originally offered for sale at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851. Oh, those wacky Victorians.

3. The Cross Gun & MYOB (Make Your Own Bullets) Vampire Kit — Also sold at Sotheby's. Part of a set of two made by the dubious “Nicolas Plomdeur” who is supposedly a master gunmaker. Larger one comes with a “make your own bullet” mold. That cross is actually a gun. Comes with small powder keg and mahogany stake. Fancy!

4. The Petite Kit For Vampire Kittens or Midgets or Bloodsucking Babies — Pocket-sized. Or for killing teeny tiny vampires. Or vampire kittens. Or vampire midgets. This was for sale on Ebay for $20.

5. 19th Century Vampire & Werewolf “Two-For-One” Killing Kit — $14,850 for this one. Sold at auction. Contains gun with silver bullets. (Just in case there happen to be werewolves congregating with the vampires.)

6. The Professor Ernst Blomberg Vampire Hunting Kit — There are many kits floating around made by 19th century quack Professor Ernst Blomberg. People believe these to be genuine, but a man named Michael de Winter has come forward claiming to have created the kits and made up the professor. (Winter also says he invented “Nicolas Plomdeur.”) Though, you never know what the truth really is where paranormal stuff is concerned. Hoax builds upon hoax builds upon hoax.

7. The Luxury Vampire Hunting Kit, Retro-Style — This one, called French Vampire Hunting Kit, No.3, is made by an artist named Alex CF. Looks pretty vintage, doesn't it?

8. The Best Christmas Gift Ever Vampire Slayer Kit — This one was made by someone whose Flickr name is “Inmgilbert,” who gave it to his friend for Christmas. It's pretty, but is it effective?

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