Don't Try This at Home Dept.: A city fire truck has been half-swallowed by a sinkhole in Valley Village. The hole, which was spotted before dawn today, was created by a burst water main at Hartsook Street and Bellingham Avenue, about two blocks from the busy intersection of Laurel Canyon  and Magnolia boulevards. According to KTLA, “Engine 60 was on its way to check out the damage and the roadway apparently buckled, sending the truck nose-first into the crater.”

Firefighters, who believed the asphalt solid enough to support their truck, escaped unharmed. Saturday, a much larger water main burst not far away in Studio City at Coldwater Canyon Avenue and Ventura Boulevard, devastating the surrounding neighborhood. City repair crews are still dealing with the effects of the 95-year-old main's rupture, and Coldwater Canyon Avenue is expected to be closed at the site through Friday.

LA Weekly