Hide your status today, Facebook fans.

A survey by the Facebook dating app AreYouInterested finds that a third of respondents admit to checking the Facebook status of their exes determine if they have plans for Valentine's Day.

Sad? When did Facebook turn into the Regal Beagle on a slow night? But wait: There's more desperation in this data:

Another third of respondents expects sex tonight. So get ready to rumble, people.

Three out of four singles said having a first date on Valentine's was OK, maybe even romantic.

Nearly 60 percent said the male should pay for the meal. (What if there are, er, two males? The top pays. We did not just say that.)

Sixty-seven percent of these singles said a bad relationship should be ended before Valentine's Day — the better to let their significant others get that first date on with someone else.

Of course, all these numbers could be meaningless: The website only polled 515 people, which is a super small sample that would likely make any statistician laugh.

But we can get learn something here: Unfriend your ex and turn your Facebook profile to private before heading out on your big date. You don't want your former lover showing up.

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