If you hate the Transportation Security Administration and its ridiculous rules and searches en route to your favorite destination, it doesn't take much to shame its agents.

Privacy proponent Ashley Jessica says she caught a TSA agent red-handed during a pat down at a Southern California airport recently. And she posted the video on YouTube:

Jessica says she tries to film each encounter with the TSA both to protest its procedures and to help to protect her rights.

The recent incident happened as she was at San Diego International Airport for a trip home to Tornoto with her mother.

Jessica filmed her mother being patted down, then, apparently, they switched roles and her mom taped her.

Despite much explanation from the TSA agent — including the caveat that all touching would be done with the back of the hand (does that make it better?) — Jessica was still visibly upset when the agent made contact with her privates.

It started with a karate-chop-style feel between her breasts. Jessica:

“You just touched my boob.”

TSA lady responds, in part, by saying, “I'm using the back of my hand.” (Let that be a lesson to every frat boy ever that federal rules are okay with backhanded sex crimes).

“I would rather you not touch my breasts,” Jessica says. The TSA agent stops the touching and warns her that if she doesn't submit, they'll be no travel today:

Unfortunately we are going to have to stop the screening process because that is a necessary part of the pat-down.

Jessica consents and gets her breasts well framed by the agent's side-hand. Then the agent kneels down, methodically, almost tai chi-like, and boom:

“She just touched my vagina,” Jessica says. “Seriously. That's not my upper thigh.”

Jessica posted the video over the weekend. Then she tweeted this:

Interestingly, her mother, who was patted down first, didn't appear to get the same vagina treatment (she did get her boobs karate chopped, though).

At that point some negotiations happened, and an agent admonishes Jessica for double checking on the TSA's vijayjay policy.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey,” he says. “What did I just say about the commentary.”

This is America. Keep your mouth shut.

The video has set off national headlines and has been viewed more than 60,000 times (not to mention biters that have re-posted their own versions).

While we abhor these personal violations in the name of safety from terrorists (when's the last white-girl vagina bomb you spotted — and we're not talking about porn?), we would like to point out that guys get checked like this all the time (clubs, cops, airports).

Clearly the constitution doesn't apply to American airports. But it's alive and well here. Comment away.

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