Marina Wood is a 26-year-old college student majoring in Cultural Studies. To make some money while in school, she is selling $6 Christmas ornaments shaped like vaginas. The vaginas are made of glitter and salt-dough, and are (presumably) salty tasting. Wood is working towards her Masters at Claremont Graduate University and has a Bachelor's degree in Women's Studies–of course.

How many vagina ornaments have you sold so far?


Do you sell vagina ornaments every year?

No, last year was my first year making them. I made them and gave them as gifts. Since all my friends and family have one this year, I thought I could sell them instead. But I plan to sell them every year from now on.

What are they made of?

They are made of dough-like substance made for hardening.

They're all slightly different color. Is that on purpose?

I painted each one individually: I wanted each one to be unique, just like real vaginas are.

They look a little bit like cookies sitting on that plate in the photo. Are they edible?

They are not edible, but I did make them using a cookie cutter. I have also used the same cutter and pink icing to make vagina cookies for other occasions.

Do you buy other vagina-related items with the money you make?

Haha, I haven't yet. I always imagine I will find ways to make other vagina related items though.

Have you ever thought of making penis ornaments?

Not really. Penises and phalluses are everywhere! The vaginas are to have some representation of the feminine. Last year I didn't just make ornaments, I also made wall plaques to put in homes.

What's going on in these photos?

My vagina and I are at an art exhibit at CSULB called Tierra de Oro. Though I often refer to that vagina (my favorite and the one I keep in my room) as the Mothercunt (because it resembles the Virgen de Guadalupe), I called it Vagina de la Virgen for the art show.

Marina's vaginas are $6 each. Email her here

or at marinawood2 [at] gmail [dot] com to purchase. For more vaginally inspired holiday art, how about a giant Christmas vulva?

"The Mothercunt"

“The Mothercunt”

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