It's a piñata…shaped like a uterus. So wrong it's right? I can't decide.

Says Etsy seller AmieKin, “It's great for baby showers, or Red Tent parties (daughter's first period) or even hysterectomy parties? Personally, I think beating a uterine effigy with a stick is a little…violent, so I made the Uteriñata to include ribbons at the bottom…Only one of the ribbons is attached to the cervix, all the others pull right out.”

And: “Even toddlers will enjoy the grab-the-string-and-pull action!”

You science-y types will appreciate the fact that the Uteriñata is anatomically correct. At least, as far as can be achieved with tissue paper and balloons. It includes uterus, removable cervix, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Colors are customizable (shades of light and dark pink suggested). The pinatas come “unstuffed.” When you break this uterus open, it would be awesome if little plastic babies fell out. And by “awesome,” I mean “scary.”

You know what's even scarier than a uterus pinata?

A second uterus piñata. Yes, like the evil Sith, there are two. Here's another one from VulvaLoveLovely.

And you know what's even scarier than this second uterus piñata? The fact that it costs $140.

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