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The L.A. Times reports that Los Angeles police have arrested a woman in connection with the hit and run accident outside USC that killed 18-year-old Adrianna Bachan and seriously injured a 19-year-old companion, Marcus Garfinkle. The two students were crossing Jefferson Boulevard at Hoover Street just outside the campus early Sunday morning. The incident, part of a recent series of horrific traffic accidents and hit-and-run crimes, shocked the city. A reward whose purse has escalated to $235,000 has been put together by the City Council, the Board of Supervisors, USC and an anonymous donor.

It isn't now known who the detained thirtysomething woman is, or if she was behind the wheel of the car. Garfinkle, who remains in a hospital, was reportedly carried on the car's windshield for 500 feet — before the vehicle stopped to allow a passenger to shove Garfinkle off into the street. LAPD is to release further details about the arrest at a news conference later today.

LA Weekly