Way too soon after the Tucson massacre, some fans at the University of Tennessee are marking the one year anniversary of football coach Lane Kiffin's move to USC with “Shoot Coach Lane's Bobble-Head Day.”

What a country. Because when you're unhappy with a personnel move at your favorite team, that's a good time to shoot someone in effigy.

(Kind of funny when racist, right-wing rednecks blame minorities for violence in this country yet run to the gun when the slightest thing doesn't go their way. Maybe gun violence, including that which is perpetrated by black and brown people, is as American as apple pie? Maybe?). Anyhow …

… “Shoot Coach Lane's Bobble-Head Day,” organized by a gun store to, er, lament the Titans' loss of the Volunteers coach to our fair city, happens Saturday.

Great marketing, though.

Frontier Firearms' in Kingston, Tennessee, is ready with 800 bobbleheads of the coach ready for your itchy finger to go off on.

The shop's honcho Brant Williams poo-poos the suggestion that this would incite anyone to take aim at Kiffin.

“Nobody is going to leave our range after shooting a Lane Kiffin boobblehead with a desire to go shoot Lane Kiffin,” he told USA Today.

Wait, did he just say shooting a likeness of Lane Kiffin wouldn't inspire one to actually shoot Lane Kiffin?

The event will charge $5 per bobblehead target, and the cash will go to a local food bank.

See, who says Southerners are ig'nant?

(Glad the season's over, ay Lane? We'd suggest you lay low during your “anniversary,” just in case).

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