The term underground is pretty subjective these days, but suffice to say, with summer here, the proliferation of downtown dance happenings in nontraditional settings is at an all-time high. Here, a couple of techno-ish groove gatherings sure to be worth the shady surroundings. Anne Lee’s Blow Up LA is always a buoyant bash, attracting LA’s Day-Glo-dressed dance denizens with the amusements they’ve come to expect (themed dress-up nights, Shadowscene photo booth, etc.) and a consistently raging roster of spin-whizzes. This month the list includes disco wiggy wonders Royal Rumble (love their Kid Sister remix), plus Lazrtag, Flufftronix, Eli Smith, Keith Wilson (Moscow) and Nite Cells. The sleepless-in-the-city crowd will want to head to The Station, an after-hours affair headlined by NYC drug kid fave DJ Keoki, along with Morningstar (The Abbey/Area), Barbeau (Miss Kitty’s), Siesta Soul (Frequency), DJ Spinher (Element) and more. This one will recall the euphoric rave days of yore, especially when the sun comes up — it goes till 5 a.m. Both parties, Sat., June 21. See for location and info. The Station is at 239 E. Fifth St., dwntwn. Info: (213) 440-9288.

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